Philosophical Life Coaching — 4 key take-home messages

Tim LeBon
2 min readFeb 2, 2020

Thanks to a fantastic group who helped yesterday’s Philosophical Life Coaching Session City Lit London yesterday be so special. Here are 4 key take-home messages.

  1. Clarify your values.
    This fun exercise only takes 2 minutes.
    Reflect on one of your best days.
    Then pick out 3 reasons why it was so special.
    These 3 reasons are likely to be amongst your most cherished values.
One of my best days, a day on Holy Island, Arran

One of my best days was a few years back on Holy Island. My daughter and I walked around this peaceful oasis enjoying the serenity, unusual wildlife and the spiritual setting.

It’s enjoyable just to reflect on the day. When I come to think about the values of that day, I realise that connection (with my daughter and with nature), calmness and a sense of meaning away from the madding crowd are all cherished values for me.

For more ways to clarify your values, see

2. You have coffee time, why not Value Time?
VALUE TIME is 5 minutes in your day to thinking about and working towards a cherished value. Set an alarm on your phone so it happens today.

3.Do you ever envy a comic book hero like Superman or Wonder Woman?

You already have a superpower — rationality

The good news is you already have a superpower.
It’s your mind, your potential to be rational and wise.
Use your superpower today.

4.Understand the difference between what you can’t change and what you can.
You can’t change the past or other people. Accept them.
You can change your attitude and what you do. Focus on what you can change.

The next day of philosophy with me is at City Lit in central London is Saturday March 28th 2020

Hope you can make it!

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